Effective Date: March 11, 2022 Last Revised: November 16, 2022 : Multiple updates including contact email change, cleaned up several overly verbose phrasings, added a PSA on Cloudflare, and added Mastodon under third parties.

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Committment to Privacy

This website and it’s operator do not collect personally identifiable information at any point or by any means. As I do not collect your data, and therefore do not have access to your data, I cannot modify or delete it.

This website does rely on and make use of other services which may collect personal data. I have made a best effort to inventory these additional services, see section Third Parties below. Any inquiries about personal data collected or held by third party sites/service must be directed to those third parties directly.

First Party

No cookies are collected or stored by this site or its operator.

Google Fonts are not used on this site.

Cloudflare is not used by this site. Cloudflare supports hate groups and you should stop doing business with them.

GoatCounter is an open source service used for site analytics. You can view this site’s GoatCounter dashboard here. What you see on this dashboard is the same thing I see. You can view GoatCounter’s privacy policy here. You can disable GoatCounter by blocking in your adblocker or firewall.

Third Parties

This site is hosted on Netlify, which may collect cookies and log files amonst other information. If you have specific questions about Netlify’s data collection practices, review their Privacy Policy and GDPR/CCPA Policy for further information and resources.

This site may include embeds from other websites. As a preemptive measure, I provide here the privacy policy or most relevant policy of the services from which I have embedded content in the past or otherwise anticipate doing so in the future.

You may be trackable through external links to other websites. Websites and webservices other than this site and their cross site tracking methods are outside the scope of this privacy statement. You must do your own due diligence in this regard.